Butterfly playing cards

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I hate you for coming up with this.

Héctor Mancha

A beautiful, brilliant design!

Michael Ammar

Such a good addition to a road less traveled... GREAT JOB!.

Daniel Garcia

The Butterfly deck will enable you to perform miracles not possible with any other deck. A true innovation in card magic.

Richard Kaufman

There are many new beautiful playing cards designs. However this design will blow your mind. I can’t wait to explore the endless possibilities.

Asi Wind

I only wish The Professor was alive to have seen this. He would’ve called it a masterpiece.

Howard Hamburg

Easily one of the most creative and useful designs I’ve ever seen on a pack of playing cards.

Jeremy Griffith

Congratulations to all card workers around the world. A new era has begun.

Johan Ståhl

The Butterfly deck is an incredibly powerful utility deck. Ondrej has done the magic world a huge favor.

Shane Cobalt

This deck is too good to be true.

Harapan Ong

So damn clever ... these butterflies are going to fly off the shelves literally.

Doug McKenzie


This is the most ingeniously designed marked deck I have ever seen in my life! You can do miracles with this pack that can not be performed with any other deck of marked cards. Wonderful... absolutely wonderful!

Daryl - The Magician's Magician



Chris Kenner