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Butterfly Playing Cards Refills

Butterfly Playing Cards are uniquely marked so they allow any performer to make miracles not possible with any other deck of playing cards. The original deck has been sold as a starter kit with an explanation card and 7 downloadable video instructions.

Thanks to Butterfly Refills you no longer have to pay for the instructions again if your deck wears out and you need another one. Butterfly Refills come in packs of two, six and twelve. The cards come in their individual tucks enclosed in an outer packaging featuring a unique optical illusion which, if photographed from a certain angle, makes the box look transparent and empty. Every deck contains a blank gaff card.

Differences between the original second edition Butterfly Playing Cards with instructions and Refill decks:

  1. The original decks come with video instructions and an explanation card. 
  2. The tuck box features spot UV effect, inner printing, embossing, and an easter egg in form of a black butterfly that changes color under body heat.
  3. The Refill decks are enclosed in plain tuck boxes with no special effects and contain a blank face card. 
  4. The cards are identical to the original second edition decks. 
  5. The Refills are available for a significantly lower price than the original decks with instructions.
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