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Butterfly Playing Cards on Kickstarter


Butterfly Playing Cards Black launched on Kickstarter on July 2, 2019!

There are two main editions - Black & Silver and Black & Gold. You can choose how many decks you’d like to pledge for, and you will select how many of each color you'd like to receive in Backerkit after the campaign ends.

The cards will be printed in Belgium by Cartamundi. The widely popular B9 true linen finish will be applied to a new paper stock which I love and I know that you'll fall in love with as well.

All decks will be gilded in France using a technique that makes handling of the cards smooth and retains faro capability. And, what's more, the cards last longer than non-gilded cards! This is because the edges are sealed by the silver/gold paint, therefore, the cards don't absorb moisture as much as cards without gilding.

Another important detail that you'll be able to specify in Backerkit is whether you want your decks marked, unmarked, or a mix of each. The unmarked decks won't have any markings whatsoever to allow them to be used in a fair game.

The butterfly marking system remains unchanged from the 2nd edition Butterfly Playing Cards. The gilding and foiling highly improve the disguise of the marking system.

I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to join me in creating the world’s most beautiful deck of playing cards. - Ondrej Psenicka

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