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Butterfly Playing Cards Black Kickstarter Campaign

Optional magic at your fingertips:

If you’re interested in learning the fantastic markings and tricks built into the Butterfly Playing Cards, then here’s how: 

  • Check out the marking explanation card that comes with each marked deck.
  • Purchase The Secret of The Butterflies book or e-book which details the  magic effects specifically developed for the Butterfly Playing Cards. Do this at the end of this  BackerKit campaign to get the special Kickstarter price. 
  • Add an original 2nd edition  deck to your pledge to get the instructional videos included.


Does the gilding affect the visibility of the marking system?

If you’re familiar with the Butterfly Playing cards marking system, you may be concerned that gilding will affect its visibility. 

And you’re right. It does... but only for the spectator. 

Squared up, as one might offer the cards to a spectator, the deck appears as a solid brick of silver or gold, cleverly concealing the deck’s secret. From your perspective, however, you have an unobstructed view of all the same incredibly powerful markings as in previous Butterfly versions. 


Does the back foil affect the visibility of the markings?

The reflective foil on the back design does indeed affect visibility of the marking system... in a magical way!

In most interior performance settings, the magician is lit. This light source then reflects off the cards’ shimmering features, making their markings even more visible to the magician.

His body, however, is blocking the light source from his spectator’s view. So just as the magician gains visibility of the markings, the spectator loses it.  

When you add this to an already-almost-impossible-to-spot marking system, you see why these cards don’t just have a pretty face!


Do they contain any gaff cards?

Yes. The explanation card and a double backer.


Side Stripper decks! End Stripper Decks! Corner shorts!

Will tapered decks be available? 

Yes and no. 

It might surprise you, as it did me, that gilded decks are either side strippers, end strippers, corner shorts, or a combination of those. 

Given the exceptional quality of the Cartamundi subcontractor, such features cannot be guaranteed. However, due to the handcrafted part of the gilding process, the layer is subtly asymmetrical. The difference is so shallow that it wouldn’t straighten a deck shuffled by washing with one strip out, but it is good enough to strip out a reversed card, control a four-of-a-kind, and identify a spectator-selected card by touch.

Watch the following videos to see some impressive deck capabilities: 


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