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Butterfly Playing Cards Black & Silver (Prototype)

Butterfly Playing Cards Black & Silver (Prototype)

$ 29.95 EUR

The Black & Silver edition is the brightest deck of the Butterfly Playing Cards Black family. It showcases a silver foil to make Stefan Eriksson's beautiful back design artwork even prettier. You will find the foil also on the faces of all of the court cards, the Ace of Spades and one of the two jokers. All four aces have large custom centre pips in the theme of the floral back design. The magic enthusiasts will be delighted to find a double-backer to use in their card magic routines. All Butterfly Playing Cards Black prototypes have been printed by Cartamundi with the True Linen B9 finish.

Cartamundi accidentally made the Black & Silver edition more valuable to collectors, by printing Black & Gold on the box. So when you see them being sold on ebay for some ridiculous money, remember that we told you!

Only 500 silver foiled prototypes exist. 250 were gilded to test compatibility of gilded edges with the magic features of the deck, and 250 were left non-gilded to compare advantages of both versions. The gilded decks proofed to be functional and will be used to promote a crowdfunding campaign that will launch in Summer 2019. 200 of the non-gilded Black and Silver prototype decks are available for sale and will never be reprinted.

All prototypes are marked on the backs and come with no instructions.

To learn how to use the Butterfly Playing Cards marking system see The Secret of the Butterflies book or ebook or Original Butterfly Playing Cards 2nd Edition with video tutorials.