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Butterfly Playing Cards Black & White (Prototype)

Butterfly Playing Cards Black & White (Prototype)

$ 19.95 EUR

The Black & White edition is the origin of the Butterfly Playing Cards Black family. In its simplicity, clarity, and quality. It shows the art of Stefan Eriksson not only on the back, but also on all the four aces that showcase beautiful custom centre pips in the theme of the floral back design. The standard US court cards have yellow color substituted for white to compliment the overall aesthetic of the cards. The magic enthusiasts will be delighted to find two identical jokers and a double-backer to use in their card magic routines. Printed by Cartamundi with the True Linen B9 finish. Only 400 prototypes exist. Just 250 are available for sale.

All prototypes are marked on the backs and come with no instructions.

To learn how to use the Butterfly Playing Cards marking system see The Secret of the Butterflies book or ebook or Original Butterfly Playing Cards 2nd Edition with video tutorials.